Why Bed & Breakfast Is A Better Option Than Traditional Hotels?

Although it is a widely subjective topic, there are several reasons to think that in some occasions and for some traveler’s, Bed & Breakfast is better than a hotel. Read on as we show you the reasons why.

Breakfast Included

Breakfast is included in the tariff

When you go to a Bed and Breakfast place, the name of it is self explanatory: breakfast is included in the tariff. When you go to a hotel or a hostel, you have to read the specifications of your package to see what it includes. This big difference is, for some people, a game changer since prices for bed and breakfast are usually cheaper and starting the day with a home-made breakfast is always the best option.

No Hidden Tariffs

The transparency you will get in a Bed & Breakfast environment is unlike the one you will get in a hotel environment. The first and most prominent difference in this case is that there are no hidden tariffs like extra cost for Wi-Fi or a mini bar with overpriced products or even a sky-high parking bill at the end of your stay.

Unique Rooms

The uniqueness of each room gives the B&B a different touch

Another huge difference when it comes to B&B and hotels is that in the first ones there are absolutely no two rooms that are the same. In a hotel environment you will get mostly the same room repeated in the same fare and then increasingly expensive as more add-ons are being accumulated. The uniqueness of each room gives the B&B a different touch that makes the client’s experience one-of-a-kind too.

Video Selection – LilHumpers

LilHumpers – RK Series

With B&B you can be sure that video library will be updated. Simple as that. LilHumpers, which is named the very best series of 2020 so far is available for watching in adult category of all B&B’s. Featuring young guys and experienced MILFs it is a journey into the sexual battle of generations. Something you won’t see anywhere else.

Different Approach

Finally, it is safe to say that a hotel and a B&B are two different approaches to resolve the same need. While the hotel’s goal is efficiency, the B&B goal is to grant a unique experience. Yes, they both serve the same purpose: giving travelers a home away from home for some days; but the logics behind it are completely different.


As a conclusion, there is one more issue to address and that is the customer itself. B&B is more successful in bringing the idea of a home away from home to traveler’s, but not all travelers want that. For example, if your idea of relaxing is closer to an all inclusive resort in a paradise beach, a cozy B&B will not do the trick for you. To conclude and answer the title’s question we can say that a B&B is a more humane, cozy and beautiful way of traveling.


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