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Angela Smalls Anal Workout

After high school, many teenage girls choose various professions and hobbies. However, for others, it is an opportunity to explore the adult world to see what it has to offer. At holed1.com, we focus on these types of girls. We walk with them every step of the way while at the same time ensuring that we capture all their moments for the purposes of entertaining you. What is more is that, we adopt the use of 4K technology. This allows us to bring you ultra high definition videos and images so that you do not have to second-guess on what you are seeing.

Many are the categories that you can choose from too. You get models from different races, heights and thickness. Moreover, they have undergone professional training. They are not afraid of showing it all in front of the rolling cameras. It is also easy to locate your favorite videos. First, you can simply search the name of your preferred model or you can browse through the various subtitles available after each of the videos available at the site. The videos are top quality, as you will see in the example below.

The Angela Smalls Video

Be tricked not by her name. Angela Smalls has big tricks in her head that allows her to get what she wants always. Just as the many models of her age, Angela love anal sex so much. However, her very strict law abiding parents will not let her explore her adventures easily. In that case, she has to come up with a plan of staying away from home for three hours at least once a weak. She therefore comes up with the trick of attending workout sessions.

At first, it used to be real workout with both Angela and her coach Mike adhering to the rules. However, as time went by, they discovered that they liked each other and more importantly, they liked anal sex. This made matters more interesting and every workout session was something that Angela looked up to.

In this particular video, Angela leaves home for her workout session, as is the norm. When she arrives, she finds Mike ready to take her through the normal workout plans. However, on this day, neither of them is willing to work out. Instead, Angela jokingly suggests that they can go to the bathroom where mike can “work out” her anus.

They quickly half undress while they kiss. Soon, Angela bends over and they have a heart throbbing anal sex. Mike spills his sperms all over Angela Smalls’ behind but she clearly does not mind. As soon as they are done, the gyms owner walks in on them and they are lucky they are not caught pants down. While they escape punishment by a whisker, it is true that it will not be the last time that they are doing it.


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