10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Colorado Springs

In today’s time, the Chinese foods are the global choices as it blends health and taste. People around the world falls for the Chinese delicacies and it are obvious considering the delightful taste these foods holds. If you are a resident of the Colorado Spring area and looking for the best Chinese restaurants in the region, the paragraphs underneath will list the best of the lots to approach.

  1. 1. F. Chang’s

One of the oldest and most frequently sought-after Chinese restaurants in and around Colorado Springs, P.F. Chang’s serves delightful Chinese dishes. This signature dishes like the Crab Wontons, Dynamite Shrimps, spring rolls, and Lettuce wraps comes as the finest treat for the admirers of Chinese foods.

  1. Shangri-La Restaurant

The discussion about the top Chinese restaurants in Colorado Springs will be incomplete without giving a special mention to the name of this restaurant. Serving authentic and delicious Chinese cuisines at affordable rates, this restaurant is aa much sought-after destination for the admirers of Chinese cuisines.

  1. Mikado Asian Bistro

You will win double deals visiting this restaurant as it serves extensive options on Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. The specialty of this Chinese restaurants is that it serves a few items that are the exclusively made for kids.

  1. Wok-in-Wok-out Restaurant

This is the most coveted food joint among the youngsters for the vibrant ambiance that the place holds. The competitive pricing of the foods makes this restaurant all the more coveted to the youngsters.

  1. Tao’s Oriental Cuisine

If you love to give a try to the seafood, you will hardly have a better alternative to approach in Colorado Spring. In addition, you will be getting wide options on traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisines in this restaurant. This restaurant has earned a reputation for offering utmost hospitality to the guests.

  1. China Town Restaurant

This restaurant brings a little strip of China on the US soils. The operator has designed the restaurant in complete Chinese theme and serves the most authentic cuisines from China. Visit this restaurant to have a fine dining experience.

  1. China Village

The signature item of this restaurant, sesame chicken, will give a heavenly treat to your taste buds, In addition, there are ample of options to try and relish the exquisiteness in Chinese foods.

  1. Pei Wei Asian Dinner

Planning for a ravishing Asian dinner? If so, you inevitably need to approach this restaurant. In addition to the exquisite foods, you will surely love the ambiance of the place.

  1. HuHot Mongolian Grills

If Grilled foods make you go weak on your knees, visit this restaurant to relish some traditional grilled foods of Mongolian descent.

  1. Dragon gate Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese fired rice and chopsticks will pamper your taste buds with exceptional delicacy. Visit these Chinese restaurants to relish the exoticness in Chinese foods in the most authentic forms.

Opt for these restaurants if you would like to treat yourself with the delicacy in Chinese Cuisines. These restaurants offer you the best value for your money.


The Colorado Spring Area is a vibrant and dynamic place to live. This city is one of the most livable cities in the United States. The place offers innumerable opportunities for entertainment and leisure, including various restaurants serving superlative and exquisite foods.