5 Best Indian Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Featuring heavenly taste and appealing aroma, Indian Cuisines will make you get week on your knees. The diligence in Indian Food had won it the love of people from around the world. Even if you are staying in Colorado Spring area, you get several restaurants in your locality that serve authentic and quality Indian foods that will pamper your taste buds with heavenly delicacy. This article will pinpoint the top 5 options that you can approach in this regard.

Indian Palace

If you are looking for the best Indian Restaurant in Colorado Spring region, you inevitably need trying the Indian Palace. This restaurant serves the most authentic Indian foods in the region and holds a reputation for serving healthy and tasty foods. Stepping into this restaurant, you can a wide collection of Indian cuisines, coming from different provinces of the Country. As for instance, you will get the North Indian, South Indian as well foods from the western provinces of India. The dishes like Shrimp curry, Chicken tandoori, Naan, butter tikka masala and several other preparations with fishes will give you the best dining experience of your lifetime.

Mirch Masala

Walk into this family restaurant in Colorado Spring and relish the exoticness in Indian cuisines to the ultimate extent. This restaurant offers a cozy and pleasant ambiance and hence, you will love to spend time here. The staffs of the restaurants are friendly and will help you to select the best dishes if you happen to be there for the first time. This restaurant offers the best value for your money.

Taste of India

You will never know the exoticness in Indian cuisines unless you taste the Butter Chicken in this restaurant. For the Indian migrants, this is the place to relish the taste of their homeland. For the Non-Indians, this restaurant has innumerable options to explore the culinary culture of India. This restaurant has got a reputation for serving foods prepared with organic ingredients

Little Nepal

What about clubbing the ravishment of the exquisite Indian foods with the best drinks? This restaurant & bar is one such destination in Colorado Springs where you can relish this combination. Walk into this restaurant for the widest varieties of Indian cuisines. This restaurant features a highly positive review from the customers who have already been there.

Everest Nepal Restaurant

This restaurant has earned the hearts of the Colorado Springs residents, serving authentic and heavenly delicious foods from India. No matter you aspire to taste the vegan or non-vegan Indian foods, this restaurant have one-stop solution to match your needs.  This restaurant will serve you healthy and taste foods from India at the most competitive rates.

These restaurants will serve you authentic Indian foods, made with organic ingredients. Hence, the foods combine the aspect of health and taste.  These restaurants offer formidable service and the utmost hospitality that will win your hearts.  Most importantly, these restaurants serve quality foods within reasonable rates. Hence, you can approach these restaurants with confidence. You can stay assured that you will not have to regret your choice.


The Colorado Spring Area is a vibrant and dynamic place to live. This city is one of the most livable cities in the United States. The place offers innumerable opportunities for entertainment and leisure, including various restaurants serving superlative and exquisite foods.